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June 13 2018

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Take a play break from your ordinary day! It’s time to party with these cute little monsters from Coloraj anniversary collection!

#handmade #greetingcard #postcard #anniversary #partytime #birthday #happybirthday #celebrate #celebration #monsters #aliens #cosmos #stars #planet #space #galaxy #Bucuresti #Bucharest #Romania #Coloraj


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June 11 2018

April 03 2018

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March 21 2018

February 23 2018

January 25 2018

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January 06 2018

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December 22 2017

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October 31 2017

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October 21 2017

Nigdy nie dawajcie wiary, gdy będą was przekonywać, że ludzie i zwierzęta mają wspólne interesy, że dobrobyt jednej strony oznacza dobrobyt drugiej. To wszystko łgarstwa. Człowiek nie dba o interesy żadnego stworzenia - wyłącznie o własne.
— George Orwell – Folwark zwierzęcy
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October 10 2017

October 07 2017

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September 23 2017

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September 08 2017

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September 04 2017

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August 26 2017

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